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Saturday, 18 May 2013 - 7:00am to Sunday, 19 May 2013 - 8:00pm

It is time to take off into the sky. Join Compass Journeys as we go Paragliding! Push yourself to the limit and see what you are made of. For those with fear, you will be jumping off with someone to help you control your flight and make sure you land safely. Feel secure with the freedom of feeling like a bird and seeing Korea in all its glory from the skies above. We will journey off in the morning sunrise, take off into the skies by mid day, and BBQ by the beach during night skies. As we continue to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, we’ll have a cultural experience and visit the beautiful Buddha statues at Mt. Palgong. Have a chance to enjoy nature, relax by the sea, and fly through the skies. This is a 2 day overnight trip on Saturday, 5/18th to Sunday, 5/19th which includes accommodation by the beach. Meals throughout the day will not be included but we will make periodic stops for food so please bring cash. We will be on the Paragliding Mountain for a long period so please bring lunch and snacks. The BBQ will take place after sunset when we are settled in. If you are looking for an adventure and have a desire to meet new people, you don’t want to miss out. Space is going to be limited to 45 people so please reserve your spot early.

@ Destination : Jeongja beach
@ Entrance fees : 195,000won
@ What is included? Accommodation at Beach / Bus / BBQ / Paragliding
@ Date : 18th May - 19th May
* More information will be updated soon.
* Inquiry : 010-5765-1580 or leave a message to Yeo Wandong. How to make the payment : Transfer 195,000won per person to the following account number : 95-76-515806-2(KB Bank * KB bank is the same as Kookmin bank) Depositor : 여완동 / Yeo Wandong
Plz leave a messaage after transffering your payment.
95-76-515806-2(국민은행 / 195000원 입금후 성함, 연락처 메시지 남겨주세요)

Hope you can join us!

Thank you!!

Compass Journeys(From. The Daegu Compass)


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